ADAC - Tierisch Günstig

ADAC - A furry-ous commercial

At Aixsponza, we love telling storys and bringing characters to life. A lovely Lion, a giant Giraffe and a raucous Racoon cruise through the city in their convertible. They stop at a traffic light aaaaaand...

A scene so absurd that it's either the start to a very funny joke or the briefing we received for a wild ride character commercial. We where tasked to create a series of images plus an ad for a multichannel campaign. All for ADAC Autoversicherung, the automobile insurance arm of Europe's largest motoring association.

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The Animals // Leo Lion

How cute can a Lion be? Super cute! Creating a realistic Lion is quite the task. However giving him a friendly character that doesn't feel menacing yet still realistic and cute, all that while fitting him inside driving a car - that's a whole other challenge. 

ADAC - Tierisch Günstig
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The Animals // Gabi Giraffe

How do you fit a giraffe inside a car? You can’t, and that's why we did it! After a lot of stretching, yoga and treats, the team managed to fit her smoothly into the car. She fit so well inside the car that Gaby became one of the fan favourites and was tasked to gift a windflower to the kid. The kid was all smiles as she took the flower from our Giraffe and we were too!

ADAC - Tierisch Günstig
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The Animals // Rudy Racoon

Small yet feisty, thats how we envisioned Rudy and thats how he turned out. Bursting of energy he was the counterpart to the relaxed grownups in the front seat.

ADAC - Tierisch Günstig
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The Shoot

Planning and directing the shoot for the real life portions of the TV commercial was also on our plate. So we went out to find just the perfect spot, shot all the plates, did a LIDAR scan and brought home some HDRIs. As we could only have the intersection locked off for traffic for a very short amount of time the decision was taken to only shoot backplates on location and do all the talent filming in a studio. So the final comping was kinda ambitious but having all the time you need to shoot, especially with kids in the film, was quite worth it.

ADAC - Tierisch Günstig
ADAC - Tierisch Günstig | 0


Client: ADAC Autoversicherung AG

Liane Schminke, Verena Düpjan 


Agency: Sassenbach GmbH

Beratung: Nicole Strigl, Veronika Haas

Konzeption: Frank Weitzenbauer, Hans Neubert, Katharina Metze

CGI by Aixsponza

Producer: Julian Fischer

Creative Direction: Leo Akinbiyi


Sound by m-sound studios: Robert Miller

Real-Life Shoot

Producer: Marion Biefled, Manon Lichtenberg

Direction: Leo Akinbiyi

Drone Operator: Marius Vogl, Air-Bavarian GmbH

DoP: Joe Fröhlich