ZDF History

ZDF - History

ZDF History is Germany's most renowned history documentary show. They trusted us with the rebranding of this German institution asking for everything from an intro animation over lower thirds, corner bugs to the outro credit role. Set in an all CGI environment we lit up and assembled their logo, creating the mood for this series.

ZDF History | 0
ZDF History | 1
ZDF History | 2
ZDF History | 3
ZDF History | 0


Client: ZDF
Production Company: Filmstyler GmbH
VFX Studio: Aixsponza GmbH

CD: Manuel Casasola Merkle, Tobias Müller
3D Artist: Matthias Zabiegly, Leo Akinbiyi
Animation Artist: Christian Scheck

Junior 3D Artist: Michael Haupt
Compositing: Tobias Müller
Production Manager: Julian Fischer