Telekom IFA 2018

Telekom IFA 2018

Impossible shapes and looping madness - picking up the latest Instagram trends for Telekoms IFA booth 2018. All in glorious Magenta.

Layouts, Styles and Moods

Playing around, testing things, using cubes and tubes and perspective.

This time with no crazy custom scripted tools, fancy algorithms or multi-million particle sims but a clean focus on simplicity.

With a briefing like this we kept our software arsenal neatly simple as well, created the shots in Cinema4D and rendered everything with Octane.

Telekom IFA 2018
Telekom IFA 2018 | 0
Telekom IFA 2018 | 0
Telekom IFA 2018 | 1
Telekom IFA 2018 | 0

Things that didn't make it

Cause there's always things that didn't make it.
Animatic shots, Style tests and general rendering things for example. Looking nice but unfortunately there was no spot left for them in the final movie.

Telekom IFA 2018


Client, Deutsche Telekom AG
Agency: Meiré und Meiré GmbH
Producer @ Aix: Julian Fischer
Creative Director @ Aix: Christian Tyroller

Art Direction: Elisabeth Schlichtner, Benno Verschüren
3D Animation: Elisabeth Schlichtner, Benno Verschüren, Stefan Voigt

Musik & Sounddesign: Michael Fakesch, designing sounds