Skoda Visualizers

Skoda Visualizers

No matter what car brand you choose chances are that you'll find a configurator on their webpage. To distinguish themselves from their competitors Skoda wanted to take theirs that extra step. Not only can you configure your dream car in your favourite colour and with the most shiney chrome rims. You can also take it on a ride and watch a commercial featuring exactly the car you configured. 
Skoda Superb & Octavia configurators:

We followed two different approaches with the two models. The Octavia visualizer was done by rotoscoping a live action car and changing the colours in grading plus tracking CGI rims on it. Octavia used a full CGI environment and car only for some shots like the 360° turntable. As the model of the Superb used in the shoot was a pure white one with very washed out reflections we couldn't pull good passes for compositing from it. So we replaced it with a 3d model of the latest version for all shots. A cleanplate was created from the footage and the 3d Superb replaced the filmed one.

Compositing Breakdown:

To have an environment which could reflect in the car we created low resolution proxy geometry carrying pictures of the buildings along the street. The visible backdrop behind the car came from the cleaned footage, everything else was computer generated.

A CAD model of the Superb was tracked onto the footage and rendered in a neutral 50% grey colour with passes for base and coating reflection layers. The final colour variations were created in compositing where the car also met its rims.

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Client: Skoda Auto a.s.
Agency: SinnerSchrader, Hamburg

CD: Christian Tyroller
Technical Director: Achim August Tietz
3D Artists: Leo Akinbiyi, Holger Aumüller, Patrick Hecht, Lars Korb, Jens Kindler, Sven Mai, Christian Scheck, Jörg Vogel, Fuat Yüksel, Matthias Zabiegly

Compositing : David Bobichon, Alexander Gabrysch
Editing: Michael Münch, Christian Tyroller
Producer: Julian Fischer