SEAT Logo Animation

SEAT – Logo Animation

In 2012 SEAT reworked their logo and brand identity. Revealed at the Mondial de l´Automobile in Paris our Logoanimation is now used worldwide as the sole logo branding animation.

The assignment was to create a new logo sequence that merges its spanish, sunny, optimistic and lively heritage with their VW precision and engineering (they are a member of the VW group). This sentiment is reflected in the new claim "Enjoyneering". Also to be worked in is  " high quality manufacture". We've been crafting/constructing our SEAT logo to reflect these technical precision qualities. Quality technology and design is all about a high level of craft & precision. Every cog, piston, and light fixture must embody this pursuit for perfection. And what better way to represent these core values than through the laser. Marking and cutting to the highest accuracy the laser is universally acknowledged as one of the most flawless crafting tools. With this animation we unite the german sense of perfection, efficiency and technological heritage with spanish passion, vitality and zest for life.

SEAT Logo Animation | 0
SEAT Logo Animation | 0
SEAT Logo Animation | 1


Client: SEAT S.A.
Agency: Grey London @ BCN

Creative Director/Compositing: Tobias Müller
3D Artists: Matthias Zabiegly, Jörg Vogel, Holger Aumüller, Ingo Walde

Modeling: Jan Haluszka, Christian Förg
Music: MetaDesign, Berlin