Penny Popachums "Animals"

Penny - Popachums "Animals"

A fun VFX job, animating those jolly little collectibles onto live action footage. We were responsible for creating digital Popachums, animating them and doing integration comp into the shoot that we also set supervised.


Client: Penny Markt GmbH

Agentur: Serviceplan Campaign3 GmbH

FFF: Neverest Group GmbH


Creative Director: Tobias Müller

Animation Director: Leo Akinbiyi

Producer: Julian Fischer

Modeling: Anna Schmelzer, Johan Town, Dominik Högn, Phil Amelung, Lars Korb, Jens Kindler

Rigging: Sebastian Pfeifer

Animation: Sebastião Lopes, Alex Bootz, Can Erduman, Leo Akinbiyi

Shading: Jens Kindler, Leo Akinbiyi


Set Supervisor: Matthias Zabiegly


Tracking: Johannes Weiss

Compositing: Tobias Müller