Deutschland Card Winni

Deutschland Card Winni

Meet Winni - the mascot character we developed and produced for Deutschland Card.

TV Commercial

While also living in print, social media and within a dedicated app Winni had its very first appearance in a classic TV Commercial. Helping to collect Coupons, save on special offers and giving out chances to win prices he took the families heart by storm.

Winni - the character

Cute and charming, ready for print, online and on air campaigns, that's what Winni is. Your best savings buddy in purple and yellow.

Deutschland Card Winni
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App Features

For some real bonding with Winnis audiences there's a dedicated app where you can interact with our main hero character. Look at all the fun Winni is having!

Deutschland Card Winni

Character Design

Taking Winni from Zero to Final we started out with a wide range of sketches trying to figure out what the true Winni would look like. Will a cute cat character work better? Maybe something more reptile / iguana looking? Or would a dragon / dinosaur inspired character be our winner? Sketches, sketches, sketches and a lot of decisions to be made.

Deutschland Card Winni
Deutschland Card Winni | 0
Deutschland Card Winni | 1
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Client: DeutschlandCard GmbH 


Agency: Neverest GmbH / Serviceplan Hamburg GmbH 

Filmproduktion: mypony GmbH 

Regisseur: David Aufdembrinke 

CG Production: Aixsponza 

Creative Direction: Tobias Müller 

Producer: Julian Fischer 

Animation Director: Leo Akinbiyi 


Character Design: Peter Oedekoven


Character Modeling: Phil Amelung 

Modeling: Jörg Fassbender, Lars Korb 

Rigging: Sebastian Pfeiffer 

Animation Artists: Alexander Bootz, Andreas Rohde, Can Erduman, Sebastião Lopes

Lighting & Rendering: Petru Carvaci 

Rendering: Timo Peiseler, Holger Aumüller, Matthias Zabiegly





VFX Supervision: Finn Jäger/replayboys, Hamburg


Tracking: Christoph Gaudl

Compositing: Marco Pelzel